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  • Olivia Thomas

5 top tips for decorating a rental property

When it comes to preparing a rental property there are 5 key rules every landlord should stick to...

1. Don't over spend.

It can be hard to stick to a budget and when more and more jobs appear it can seem like a nightmare but if you endeavour to stick to a plan you're sure to keep your costs down. Although the majority of tenants will keep your property clean and tidy there will always be some wear and tear which will occur and initially keeping within your budget will help with these future costs .

2. Keep it neutral. I would always recommend keeping walls and carpets a neutral colour, this allows tenants to envisage their home on a blank canvas and helps you to keep the property looking fresh and smart. Tenants also have to leave the property in the condition they find it in, which means should they paint your walls a dark or garish colour it is their responsibility to put it back to neutral.

3. A White Bathroom Suite.

I know this may not be a priority on every landlords list when renovating a property but in my experience it can make a huge difference in the time it takes to secure a tenant. It is always good to remember that although there are currently more tenants searching for houses than there are properties available that does not mean tenants are any less picky. It doesn't have to be anything special, your bog standard three piece white suite will do you just fine... oh and don't forget to make sure there is a shower!

4. Carpets.

As mentioned before keep carpets neutral but it is also worth checking with your supplier whether they do a range of rental carpets. These are often sturdier and more robust than standard carpets and well suited to multiple furniture moves. The other alternative is to put laminate flooring down in living and dining areas, it is hard wearing and furniture doesn't leave makes like it does in carpets.

5. Garden.

Tenants are not renowned for their gardening skills, and although most tenancy agreements contain a clause which states that tenants have a responsibility to maintain gardens and outside areas, in my experience even the best tenants can neglect the garden. Therefore I would suggest that any outside areas are made as low maintenance as possible this will avoid confrontation with the tenant and the hassle of an overgrown jungle when they leave!

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