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  • Olivia Thomas

Spring has Sprung!


According to the meteorological calendar Spring starts on the 1st March and there’s evidence that the seasons are once again beginning to change as Winter rolls into Spring and the days really start to lengthen. As I said in an earlier Newsletter, ‘Typically there are more house-buyers as the Daffodils begin to show themselves’ and The Alfreton and Ripley property market is still looking buoyant with over 1,000 properties sold and approximately 720 properties let in the last year. So if you’re looking to sell, buy, let or rent a property then SPRING MIGHT JUST BE YOUR SEASON!

In past editions of my newsletter I’ve talked about ways of getting your house to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and those same principles apply whenever you are trying to sell or let your property, even in the Spring. You really need to spring clean and spruce up your property to give it kerbside appeal that will entice those prospective buyers or renters who are looking for a property in the Alfreton and Ripley area. A clean and presentable property is much more likely to sell or let than one that looks unkempt and uncared for. I’m being serious, stand on the kerb, look at your property and think…….WOULD I LIKE TO LIVE THERE? You can’t expect people to be attracted to your property if you can see from the roadside that it doesn’t look the best it possibly could. Decide what needs to be done, within your budget, to make your property stand out against its competitors.

As always, I would recommend obtaining the correct advice, before embarking on any property purchase, best to be forewarned and forearmed so that you can make informed decisions regarding which property is the best for your particular venture. As the saying goes, they make it look easy on the television but remember, statistics tell us that this may possibly be one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make. I always try to use local companies for the advice that I need, they know the area and using local people helps the Alfreton and Ripley economy too.

In my Autumn Newsletter I said that to get your property looking good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune, sometimes a lick of paint is all that’s required. Take a look at this article again on my property blog. Try and get some advice from local tradespeople who will help you to understand the possibilities of what you’re trying to achieve with your property. In my experience they generally give advice for free, and then when you want to carry out some repairs or refurbishment you have a plan of action that they can help you with and work towards.

If you’re looking to purchase a property to live in or to invest in, or you’re looking for a property to let, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the coming months and I hope that you all find the property that’s just right for you.

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