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  • Olivia Thomas

Presenting your property…

Updated: May 14, 2020

Whether you are selling or renting, how you prepare and present your property can make all the difference to a quick turn around or months on the market.

First impressions have never been more important. Many potential buyers and tenants after viewing a property online will then go and look at a property from the outside before arranging a formal viewing. Your messy hedges or uneven paving stones could lose you a sale before you even invite viewers inside. Take a moment to emotionally distance yourself from your surroundings and be critical.

Before your viewings begin, have a quick wander down your road and look at your house next to your neighbours' properties. Could your window frames or facade do with a quick lick of paint to get them up to scratch? Do you need to re-lay a wonky paving stone or two? If you are not able to complete the manual work, hire a local handyman or ask your agent to arrange for the work to take place.

Always ensure the front garden is tidy, once a board is erected outside as people will begin to pay close attention to your house and they may even be a potential buyer. A once-over with the lawn mower and a squirt of weedkiller can work miracles! Gardening skills aren't required - just make sure it is presentable and tidy. Colourful flowers are a bonus (season depending of course).

Renters aren’t known for their green fingers so if your property is a rental property make sure the outside is tidy and presentable but always keep gardens easy to main

tain. Simple boarders and lawns or decking and patios are recommended.

When the property is marketed and viewings begin it is time to turn your attention to the inside of the property.

It goes without saying that greasy hobs and sticky floors are an absolute no when presenting a property. But when your house has been beautifully cleaned, as all marketed properties should be, what else can you do to make it appealing?

Uncluttered surfaces give the illusion of space in a small kitchens. Put jars and bottles away in cupboards and clear as much room as possible.

Make sure none of your appliances are running when viewers are being shown around - the buzz of the washing machine or whir of the dishwasher isn't the most inviting sound.

Always remember the 3 Cs - Cosy, Clean and Clutter-free.

Dog or cat baskets and toys should be hidden and all areas of your house should be pet-hair free. And as for the smell... Freshen up each room with room sprays and fragrances or open windows for a blast of fresh air.

Draw back curtains and make the living areas as light as possible. Sun light immediately cheers up a drab room and creates the illusion of space. If it is an empty rental property make sure you arrive early and open all of the curtains and blinds before the viewers arrive.

Bedrooms are probably the most personal rooms in the house, so try to make them welcoming. Clothes should be away and carpets fluffy and spotless.

Make sure all bins in the property are clean and empty.

Always ask your agent for tips on how to arrange the property. A good agent should always arrange settee cushions, move toilet rolls, clear away anything unsightly or any clutter and open all curtains and blinds before taking marketing photographs or before conducting a viewing.

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