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  • Olivia Thomas

It's Simple to Switch!

More and more landlords approach us who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current agent, and have been asking us how to go about moving management of their property to us. Many landlords are worried that moving agent mid-tenancy isa stressful and difficult process, however with RF&O Properties…

the best time to switch is mid-tenancy!

There is a general feeling among landlords that it is better to wait until their current tenant has given notice to leave their property before they even contemplate changing agents, as they see it as a bigger problem to change agents midway through a tenancy. Well, in a lot of cases this just isn't true. Although it may seem like there is a lot of hassle involved in changing agents mid-tenancy, it won't be your hassle, as we can do most of the work for you!

1 We will arrange to meet with you, and go through our terms of business, as well as outlining to you our lettings process and our commitment to providing an unrivalled lettings and management service for your property. We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork for you to read and complete.

2 You will need to find out how much notice, if any, you are required to give to your current agent as detailed within the Terms and Conditions that you signed at the start of your contract with them. Having determined this, you will need to give the required notice in writing to your current agent to terminate your agreement. If you need any advice regarding this, then please contact us, as it might help if your notice coincides with your rental due date.

3 If you are on a fully managed service then it would be prudent to obtain the contact details for your current tenant. Your agent should give this information to you.

4 We will arrange to meet your tenant at the property to explain everything to them and provide them with a Welcome Pack which will include a new Standing Order Form for the rental payment. We can also provide advice on cancelling their existing standing order. Part of this transfer may include a new tenancy agreement for the tenant to sign, this is intended to protect all parties, as all of our tenancy agreements are updated regularly to include any changes in legislation. We will also deal with any necessary deposit transfer/registration. Sorry Brett on the right hand side of page two



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