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  • Olivia Thomas

Sprucing up for Spring!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This is topic that I keep returning to, but it is really important that all properties should be presented at their best before placing them on the market For Sale or To Let. If you’re deciding to place your property on the market in the coming months you may need to conduct a Spring Spruce Up throughout your property to ensure that you are ready to have the marketing photographs taken and receive viewing.

It goes without saying that greasy hobs and sticky floors are an absolute no when presenting a property. However, when your house has been beautifully cleaned, as all marketed properties should be, what else can you do to make it appealing?

Uncluttered surfaces give the illusion of space in small kitchens. Put jars and bottles away in cupboards and clear as many surfaces as possible.

Make sure none of your appliances are running when viewers are being shown around - the buzz of the washing machine or whir of the dishwasher isn't the most inviting sound.

Always remember the 3 Cs - Cosy, Clean and Clutter-free.

Dog or cat baskets and toys should be moved out of sight and all areas of your house should be pet-hair free. And as for those unwanted aromas... freshen up each room with room sprays and fragrances or open windows for a blast of fresh air to give the rooms that clean air feeling.

Draw back curtains and make the living areas as light as possible. Sunlight immediately cheers up a darkened or drab room and creates the illusion of space. If you are showing an empty rental property, always make sure that you arrive early, and open all of the curtains and blinds before the viewers arrive.

Bedrooms are probably the most personal rooms in the house, so try to make them welcoming. Clothes and footwear should be put away and carpets should be fluffy and spotless. Again, clear as many surfaces as possible, to give the illusion of space.

Make sure all bins in the property are clean and empty.

Always ask your agent for tips on how to arrange the property. A good agent should always arrange cushions, move toilet rolls, clear away anything unsightly or any clutter in a room and open all curtains and blinds before taking marketing photographs or before conducting a viewing.

Wishing you the best of luck with selling or letting your property!

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