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  • Olivia Thomas

The Gardening Season has arrived but will a well-kept garden add any value to your property……….or wo

If you are thinking of investing in a property, particularly at this time of year, you might want to think about the financial benefit a garden might bring, and consider the question - does the outside space around our home actually add any value to our property?

There is a general consensus amongst property professionals that in today’s property market an outside entertaining area can add as much as 20% to the value of your property…..and you may be able to increase the value of your plot, by just making sure that the outside space is kept neat, tidy and easily managed.

Though some of us might be ardent gardeners, with a veg plot, greenhouse and neatly mowed lawn, it seems that tastes have changed over the years, and we yearn for that outdoor living space. We want to be able to entertain out there, have room for a table, chairs and parasol, Jacuzzi, and sun loungers and possibly a place where children might play safely, which these days includes space for a trampoline!

For those of you who have an investment property that you rent out, you really don’t want the maintenance of the garden to become an inconvenience and in the majority of cases the maintenance of your garden will be the responsibility of your tenant. In order to make life easier for both you and your tenant it is worthwhile simplifying the garden lay out by installing a neat patio, reducing the size of your lawn by using decking or gravel and instead of weedy borders, invest in some pots which can be kept tidy and manageable.

It seems therefore that we might profit from maintaining a neat and tidy area around our home, and then… if we do get some sun, we can lie on our sun loungers watching our property investment grow… rather than those weeds!

As I always say in my newsletters, property investment, like any other investment is subject to market fluctuations but there are some wonderful local companies who can guide you through the jargon and help you to make the correct decision for your own financial circumstances.

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