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  • Olivia Thomas

Not just storage... why not reach for the stars!

Well, I’ve considered the space around our homes, I’ve discussed the benefits of digging down and transforming the basement, the only area I’ve yet to investigate is the space above us. I just want to take a quick look at loft conversions as a way of increasing the living area within your home without actually having to purchase a new property. I think then, I’ll have covered all aspects of the possibility of adding both value, and living space. No matter what type of house, bungalow, cottage or even upper floor flat that you live in, the chances are that there will be room in the loft to extend the floor area of your particular property.

Adding extra floor area to a property generally means that you add extra value and therefore, as with the basement conversion, the loft conversion can increase the value of your property investment. Check out online websites to get inspiration from some of the most contemporary transformations of the living space just below your roof, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Loft spaces generally lend themselves to being additional bedrooms, en suite bathrooms or both and they’re useful for games rooms or somewhere to relax, away from the rest of the household. Loft areas differ from property to property and they have an individual quirkiness about them in terms of the slope of the roof, the headroom, the length etc. You might have the possibility of creating 2 rooms in the area available to you but I would suggest that if you only have space for 1 room, always try and incorporate an en-suite bath or shower room to give this extension to your living space a sense of self containment.

There can be something quite magical about sleeping nearer to the stars and if you’re considering a loft conversion, then you can achieve this. With modern windows, and balconies, or even windows that transform into balconies, you might just be able to capture a beautiful countryside view or an entrancing city sky line that you couldn’t see from your property before. Contact some of our great local companies who can help you to realise your loftiest ideas and put them into practice for you. I would always advise, review the planning laws in your particular area before embarking on any alteration to your property. And remember, the sky really doesn’t have to be the limit.

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