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  • Olivia Thomas

Who is moving in Amber Valley?

We have been spoilt by the hot temperatures over the past three months, but have the BBQs, paddling pools and warm nights helped or hindered our housing market?

The number of properties sold in Amber Valley’s main towns over the last three months was estimated at around 180 properties. This is a 65% decrease in the number of sales from the previous three months.

Have these changes to the supply of property in Amber Valley, affected property values?

Heanor has seen the highest increase of 1.07% over the Summer in the price paid for properties, Alfreton has seen an increase of 0.9%. However both Belper and Ripley have seen minimal improvement in property values, Alfreton house prices have risen by roughly 0.23% over the Summer and Belper house prices have increase by only 0.03%.

As we have said before, we all know that each area of Amber Valley is quite unique and property purchasers are attracted to each area for different reasons, and with all the areas continuing to increase in value Amber Valley is still a viable option for both home owners and investors.

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