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5 reasons to sell your home in May

Those dark winter days a now firmly behind us and we can finally enjoy time with family and friends in the great outdoors. But now that lockdown restrictions have begun to ease, is this the best time to also decide to sell your home?

1. Long Bright Evenings

We know that traditionally May is a buoyant month for property sales and this is helped by the fact that the evenings are longer and therefore everyone feels as though they have a little more time on their hands. This means that you have the potential to fit many more viewings into the day and allow buyers more flexibility around their work time to ensure that they see the property sooner rather than having to wait until the weekend. Brighter days also help to present your property to its full advantage.

2. Flourishing Gardens

Your garden is likely to be coming into its own throughout the month of May. Flowers bring colour to your outside space and help to enhance your photography making your property feel bright and welcoming.

3. Find a Buyer Before the Summer Holidays Begin

By putting your house on the market in May you are giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to find a buyer before the summer holidays begin. Interest in property buying generally slows as people begin to take their summer holidays

4. Moving to the Right Catchment Areas

Children often affect the decision on when is the best time move house. Many families want to move in the earlier half of the year to ensure that they are in the catchment area of a preferred school, in plenty of time for the next academic year.

5. And the MOST Important Reason… Property is Selling Well in Your Area

Through the first few months of this year properties have sold well and for good asking prices. If you have been looking for a property to buy during the first few months of 2021 you can’t have missed the flurry of activity on the market. In order to ensure that your property doesn’t get left behind, getting it on the market sooner rather than later is key.

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