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6 Reasons to Sell Your Home in September

Whilst Spring is often a favourite time to sell your house, there are other times of year that are good for selling as well – one of these is the month of September!

The market is currently a little quieter than usual, with fewer properties on the market than previous years, but as a seller this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means buyers are in abundance and competing over the limited number of homes that are available.

Therefore, I thought I’d explore the top six reasons why selling this September might be the best option for you:

1. Buyers looking at property at this time of year are usually highly motivated to move – they probably have plans to have moved into their new home FOR Christmas, and this excitement (and deadline) keeps them on track.

2. The schools have just gone back so it feels like the start of a new year for many parents. New year = new start and therefore perhaps a new home! Many parents prefer to look for their next property during term times, as child care and school holidays can be too distracting.

3. It’s easy in September to make your home look warm and cosy, with lamps lit and the

fire on, but the nights haven’t drawn in too much so viewers wanting to come and take a look after work can still see everything your property has to offer.

4. At this time of year your garden still looks lovely, and as the leaves start to fall, the views from your upstairs windows often improve.

5. In early autumn you will find it easier to keep your home clean and tidy for viewers, possibly more than you will in the winter months. So getting viewers in early and getting your house sold before the month of muddy boots begins, can make a big


6. With fewer properties on the market your property will have more space to shine and will be easier to spot for potential buyers!

Trying to decide whether to sell now or

wait until the New Year? Give us a call !

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