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Alfreton Ready for the Future

Updated: May 5, 2020

With a mention in the Domesday Book and a 12th Century Church the market town of Alfreton has always been at the centre of things. At the junction of the A61 and A38 major trunk roads and a few minutes away from the M1, Alfreton has remained well situated to attract High Street chains, national and international industrial and commercial companies and boasts its own Football and Cricket Clubs.

Alfreton has moved with the times, its’ market is now undercover in the Market Hall building and the cattle market area is now the central bus station for the local area, bringing visitors to the town from far and wide. This has helped Alfreton to retain both banks and building societies in the town centre, supporting both the local businesses and the people of the local area.

Only a few towns in the Amber Valley area have held onto their Railway Station, but Alfreton can proudly say that it is one of them and therefore it does have major transport link status, you can travel to and from this town by train, bus and car, linking it to all major cities in the country.

For those who love sport and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle Alfreton has its own purpose built Leisure Centre and Swimming pool, several parks for recreational purposes and for those who require up to date local facilities, Alfreton has a dedicated Primary Care Centre, and amazingly in these times of local authority cuts, it still retains its own library.

As I’ve said in earlier newsletters we tend to take for granted the vibrancy of our local villages and towns in the Amber Valley area but here we see Alfreton as an example of a town with churches of several denominations, with a mix of new and old housing styles, many of which are situated close to the thriving town centre. Alfreton has been successful in pres

erving the variety of businesses and services that one expects to see in today’s modern town, including a post office, coffee shops and cafes, restaurants, chemists, opticians, clothing stores, jewellers, bakers, delicatessens, stationers, newsagents, major supermarkets, charity shops, fast food outlets and many others.

The town also attracts major employers into the industrial and commercial areas on the outskirts of the town bringing much needed employment to the people of Alfreton and the local area, all easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport.

If we think about what Alfreton has to offer, there’s a whole wealth of things as I’ve previously mentioned and the town continues to develop and change with the times. With new housing developments popping up around the town and areas being developed for commerce and industry, employers continue to be attracted to the area. Alfreton has a vibrant residential and commercial property market that attracts investment and with all of the local facilities and services that are available, it’s a great place to live in too.

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