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Are All Virtual Tours Created Equal...

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

In December 2020 we explored the rise in the number of properties being advertised For Sale or Let with the added benefit of a virtual tour. This trend has continued through into 2021 allowing the property industry to stay active during the national lockdown.

However, the type and style of virtual tours on offer can be very different depending on the agent that you chose to advertise with. A “virtual home tour” it seems can be a vague description for many different things and we are finding that vendors have growing concerns over the services (or lack of) that they are being sold or offered ‘FOR FREE’ as part of their marketing package.

Some agents call video walkthroughs of homes, which are usually shot using a mobile phone “virtual tours”. While a professional and well-conducted video can complement photos and add increased interest, it is definitely not the same thing as a virtual tour. Many agents who simply use their mobile phone to quickly show you around a home can leave the viewer feeling disoriented and even a little sea sick! Unfortunately, they don’t allow the buyer or tenant any time to really explore the property.

Not to mention the quick glimpses you get of the agent in mirrors and windows and often their shadow!

What most buyers and sellers think of when describing a virtual tour is 360-degree scan of a home. These simulations allow the buyer or tenant to move through the property at their own pace, and also gives them complete control of which areas of the property they most want to explore.

The majority of viewers who have engaged with a 360-degree virtual scan of a property are often more satisfied with the accuracy and representation enabled by a more three-dimensional view of the space. Some may even place an offer or application on the property after simply viewing it virtually. (Although the majority of buyers would still prefer to see a property first hand before agreeing to anything official)

If you would like more information on virtual tours and the benefits they offer to sellers and landlords please don’t hesitate to contact us.

RF&O are helping sellers and landlords market their properties to their maximum potential, both securely and safely with professional 360-degree virtual tours.

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