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Our Story of 2020 - Coronavirus and Estate Agency

What a year!

2019 was one of those years that we as a family we would probably want to forget, we experienced some devastating events during the year, the sort that most families suffer at some time but we seemed to have several in the same year! Despite this, in true fighting spirit when we started 2020 we decided that 2020 was going to be OUR year! Time to put 2019 behind us and drive forward into the New Year.

And at the beginning of the year, this is exactly what happened, business was booming, houses were selling, new landlords were finding our fabulous service and we were making time for ourselves outside of the business (lots of little holidays were being booked and planned), as it turned out, none of which was to be.

Then March came along, and it felt as though everything we had planned for, worked for and hoped for was brought to an abrupt halt. Our business had to adapt almost over night to this ‘new normal’. Our office was closed, viewings were cancelled and no properties would enter the local market for almost 6 weeks!

But this is NOT a story of doom and gloom, this is actually a story of, hope, survival and fantastic human spirit.

Just like with the NHS clap, we at RF&O experienced within our own business the potential for so much GOOD to come from a time of uncertainty. We saw landlords, doing everything they could for struggling tenants, giving payment holidays and reduced rental periods.

We were humbled when our own clients continued to pay our fees, even when they weren’t receiving their full rent, understanding that we were all struggling together and that we needed to help each other through this troubling time.

We received calls from landlords offering to help their tenants, even though those tenants hadn’t reported any financial hardship.

Our sales clients trusted us and left their properties on the market, even though we weren’t able to conduct physical viewings, to ensure that RF&O continued to operate.

We have fantastic clients here at RF&O and we are so lucky to work with such wonderful people!

And guess what… 2020 is still looking to be a great year for us!

Okay, the holidays were cancelled and lockdown was difficult at times, but our company has grown in both strength and determination to continue to provide the best service possible to the BEST CLIENTS IN DERBYSHIRE!

We have implemented new systems to ensure that we can continue to work to full capacity no matter what is going on in the world! We can offer full 360 walk through virtual tours and immersive video tours so that all of our properties can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.

We have worked hard with our landlord and tenants and to date, not a single property under our management is in rental arrears!

RF&O Properties are proud to have WON the British Property Awards 2020 -2021 for being the BEST Letting Agent in Alfreton and this pride we will carry with us through to the end of 2020 and forwards into whatever 2021 holds for us all.

We will continue to be here for all of our customers through the good times and the bad and we hope that you will join us in giving recognition to some of the GOOD that has happened in 2020!

May I thank all of my readers who continue to take an interest in my monthly Newsletter and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2021!

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