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Swanwick in the property spotlight!

Updated: May 5, 2020

Several people that have viewed properties in the area recently asked me what facilities and amenities there were in Swanwick and before I knew it I was extolling the virtues of the area and telling them what a vibrant village Swanwick is. When you think about and consider what Swanwick has in terms of facilities and amenities we really should sing the praises of our village and the attraction that it holds for those prospective residents that some of us take for granted.

There a very few villages within the Amber Valley area that can boast the variety of local amenities that Swanwick has. With a flourishing High Street we have a Chemist, Butchers Shop, Post Office with supermarket, Go Local Supermarket, Hairdressers, Fancy Dress Shop, Dog Grooming Parlour and Dentists all within walking distance for Swanwick residents. For entertainment we have 5 local pubs, we have several local eateries, whether in our pubs or The Saltpot which is a charity coffee shop and The Pantry, both of which serve wonderful food. There is also a great Chinese Takeaway and all of these are within the heart of the village.

Swanwick also has schools suitable for the age ranges 2-18 with good and outstanding Ofsted ratings.

There are various clubs and social activities available within the village for children and adults alike and with the expectation of a new Village Hall it is anticipated that this will be a valuable space, where activities held there may benefit all members of the community into the future.

Though largely urbanized Swanwick retains its village culture and identity and has several churches of different denominations with Swanwick Hayes Christian Conference Centre which is said to be the largest in the UK.

Swanwick benefits from being at the centre of an excellent transport network with easy access to the A38 and M1 which means that it is in commutable distance of all major towns and cities in the area which ever direction you care to travel.

Over the last few years we have seen house prices in Swanwick increase and in many instances it’s because of the reputation of the village itself that helps to sell properties here, I hope I’ve managed to sell Swanwick to you as an area that you might consider to live in.

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